About Us

About us

Our Company

We are a company that provide the service off repairing computers and other hardware even software on your computer.If you have any trouble you can just contact us with the contact form. We will try to answer in 24 hours. Our online service is online 24/7. We also sell a variety off gaming pc’s from different prize categories so everyone can do there own thing on their computers.

We are not established to much in the market because we just started our company. We are not very big and popular but we like to motivate our imago by putting up a lot off reviews on our site. So other people can see the reviews from other people.

We do a lot off sales on our store and services to keep people here on our site. We also provide an very good after service for people who buy computers on our online store. Keep in mind we have everything that you wish.

Our Team

At the moment we are the only founders in this company that are directly working for DAOS. But most off the time we hire people to work for us so i don’t need to do everything by myself.

Quick tutorial to install an anti virus software!

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